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Saliva Collection Kit

  • Saliva DNA/RNA collection kit

  • Medical Glass Plastic

  • Individual package

Saliva DNA/RNA Collection Kit 

Saliva DNA / RNA collection Kit including following items:

Saliva Funnel
Collection Tube

Saliva Preservatives Tube- 1 pc     (inactivated and Non-inactivated for choice)
Biohazard Specimen bag
Barcode Label

Instructions-1 pc

Description For Saliva funnel collection Kit
The product is used to collect high-quality DNA/RNA samples in the
saliva. The nucleic acid in the collected samples has a high integrity
after being preserved in the preservation solution, and can be used in
many biological experiments such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and
new-generation sequencing.
The collection process is painless and won’t cause any injury or
discomfort to the human body.
The collected samples can be used for various biological experiments
such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and next-generation sequencing
and are widely used in the collection and preservation of specimens in
hospitals, scientific research institutions and households.

Product Features For Saliva collection Kit

1. Use at normal ambient temperature;
2. The 5-mL storage tube for preservation solution is filled with 2 mL of Inactivation Medium inactivated solution ;
3. Samples can be stored and transported at room temperature;
DNA samples can be stored stably for 12 months;
RNA samples can be stored steadily for 1 month.


Special reminders:
This preservation solution has good antibacterial performance and high storage efficiency and can ensure
the integrity of viral nucleic acids in the sample when it is used to store inactivated viral samples.


01 IFU for saliva collection kit  
1. Before collecting saliva,relax your cheeks andgently massage
cheeks with fingers for 15~30 seconds to produce saliva. Gently
spit saliva into thefunnel until the liquid saliva (non-bubble)
reaches the height of 2.0 ml scale line. Saliva samples collected
shall be free of impurities and sputum. Don't spit all over the vial.


2. Hold the Hold the storage vial in hand and keep it upright, then
insert the bottom of storage vial into the saliva collection cup,
and screw down. Then the storage liquid in the vial will flow into
the saliva collection vial.

03 IFU for saliva collection kit

3. Keep the collecting vial upright, unscrew the funnel, take out the
clean saliva collecting vial cap from the packing box, screw and
tighten it on the saliva collecting vial. The vial caps have a chok-
ing hazard. Keep out of reach of children.

04 IFU for saliva collection kit

4. Turn the collecting vial upside down for 10 times to fully mix saliva
and preservation solution.

05 IFU for saliva collection kit

5. Take out a bar code from the packing box and stick it on the
saliva collecting vial, then put the collecting vial with bar code
and two bar codes into the sample bag for storage, transporta-
tion or testing, and the remaining bar code is kept by the user for
subsequent information feedback.

Pictures for Inactive Saliva Collection Kit

04 saliva collection kit

01 saliva collection kit

Pictures for Non-inactive Saliva collection Kit

07 saliva collection tube

08 saliva funnel





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