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Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing: What you should know

Views: 120     Author: Vegas Biotech     Publish Time: 2020-05-05      Origin: Site

Your health care provider can best advise you about the need to be tested for novel coronavirus (COVID-19. Public health officials are trying to contain the virus through early identification and isolation of people who are infected, and contacting tracing to alert people who may have been exposed before they potentially expose others. All of this starts with rapid and accurate testing of people who may be infected with novel coronavirus.

Currently, COVID-19 tests are prioritized for the following groups:

  • Hospitalized and symptomatic individuals (or people about to be hospitalized for a procedure)

  • Health care workers and people in group living facilities

  • First responders and other social service employees

  • People exposed to infected individuals in places where COVID-19 risk is high

Vegas Biotech will work together with you to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus!

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