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Plasma gel biofiller machine

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Description for Plasma gel biofiller machine
The Plasma Biofiller Maker is a quick and reliable device to turn Platelet-Poor
Plasma (PPP) into Plasma Bio-Filler Gel. It produces quality Bio-Filler that can
be injected on the face, neck, breasts and butt to correct lack of volume, wrinkles, deep folds, unaesthetic lines, and unusual thinness. Injecting this
is safe as there’s no question of rejection since it’s derived from patient’s own
blood (autologous).

Features for Plasma gel biofiller machine
1. Get perfect quality Plasma Bio-Filler in minutes
2. Fast operation – doesn’t need preheating
3. Obtain up to 10 5ml syringes full of Plasma Bio-Fillers
4. Easy to operate – just press one button
5. Customize and record function for additional versatility
6. Small, desktop size fits easily in your office
How The Instant Plasma Bio-Filler Maker Works
This is a one-step machine to produce Bio-Fillers from Platelet-Poor Plasma
(PPP) derived from the patient’s own blood. Hence you’ll need a PRP tube la
centrifuge for preparing the PPP. Once the PPP is derived, it can be transferred
to special syringes and incubated in this machine for obtaining Plasma Bio-Filler. This machine uses a precisely controlled heating and cooling system to turn
PPP into Plasma Bio-Filler

PRP gel biofiller

What Can Plasma Bio-Filler Gel Be Used?
As we age, the areas in and around our face and
neck can naturally lose subcutaneous fat. This
causes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles
and hollowed cheeks. This loss of fat can also
cause the skin in areas such as face, neck, breasts and butt to stretch causing a visible loss
of volume. Traditionally, surgeons resort to
dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid but they
carry a risk of causing an allergic reaction. To
avoid this risk, Plasma Bio-Fillers are an
excellent choice. Results are immediate and
usually lasts a couple of months
The Plasma Bio-Filler can be used to:
Add volume and smooth out the deep creases and wrinkles in the face
Plumping thin lips
Reduce fine lines around the neck
Augment cheeks to enhance youthfulness
Reduce or remove eye-bags
Improve the appearance of recessed scars
Enhance shallow contours

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Plasma Gel biofiller machines



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