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What is Blunt Micro Cannula?                                                                                
Blunt tip micro cannula is a small tube with an unsharp rounded end, specifically designed for atraumatic intradermal injections of fluids, for example injectable fillers. It has ports on the side allowing the product to be dispensed more evenly. Microcannulas, on the other hand, are blunt and made of plastic. This makes them more flexible and less traumatic than standard needles. Unlike needles, they can navigate through tissue easily without cutting or tearing blood vessels. This significantly decreases the risks of bleeding and bruising. By moving blood vessels out of the way instead of cutting through them the risk of injecting a filler directly into a blood vessel is virtually zero. From a single entry point microcannulas can deliver fillers precisely over an area which would require multiple needle punctures. Fewer injections means less pain, more comfort, and less risk of complications.

micro blunt cannula

Microcannula For Dermal Filler?                                                                                     
1) Made of high quality stainless steel
2) Different size available
3) Sterile package
4) Special design is available
5) Round tip and hole to avoid any damage

Micro Cannula Features
*Ethlene Oxide Sterile
 Non-toxic,Pyrogen Free
*Sterile if the Package Sealed and Undamaged
*Discard Safely after Single Use
Micro Cannula Advantages
1. Comfort: Patients undergoing cannula injection experience much less discomfort than during needle injections. The entire lip, nasolabial fold, mandibular sulcus, cheek, or temple area
can be augmented through a single puncture site. Only 2-4 entry points are needed for full
face injections.
2. Speed:  Procedures with micro-cannula are less time-consuming, because of the techniques
used and decreased need for anesthesia (numbing cream or injections).
3.  Recovery:  The social downtime associated with traditional technique is practically eliminated
with less edema and swelling and minor bruising and/or vessel laceration.
4.  Value:  Fillers can be administered with greater precision so the results are more natural and
less product is needed to treat most areas.
5. Flexibility: Cannula allows access to virtually any area of the facial anatomy for improvement
with fillers. Previously hard to treat areas such as the delicate area under the eyes, hollow
cheeks and the vertical cheek wrinkles are easily corrected using this technique.
6. New collagen:  Research surgical care suggests that moving the micro cannula back-and-forth in the dermis, stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen, even without the addition
of fillers. As a results the skin begins to tighten by initiating growth factors. 

Different Sizes Micro Cannula 

Item Needle Gauge  Needle Length Size
Blunt Tip Needle
(Micro Cannula)
18G 50mm 18Gx50mm
70mm 18Gx70mm
100mm 18Gx100mm
21G 50mm 21Gx50mm
70mm 21Gx70mm
22G 50mm 22Gx50mm
70mm 22Gx70mm
23G 50mm 23Gx50mm
70mm 23Gx70mm
25G 38mm 25Gx38mm
50mm 25Gx50mm
27G 38mm 27Gx38mm
50mm 27Gx50mm

Details for Micro Cannula 

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