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PRP centrifuge

Rotor size:
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  • PRP kit, Biofiller, Plasma Gel filler
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low speed laboratory centrifuge is made by high standard with stainless steel material inside, The table model electrically operated centrifuge is the conventional laboratory to use the centrifuge, widely applies in scientific research educations and the production department and so on the biology, chemistry, medicine.


Here is the details of our newly designed KJLC-I low speed centrifuge medical centrifuge:


Speed: 300-4500 rpm, Step 100rpm


Max RCF:


Angle Rotor 1: 2258×g, Step: 10×g/100×g (Fast rotation on the button)


Angle Rotor 2: 2200×g, Step: 10×g/100×g (Fast rotation on the button)


Rotation Accuracy:± 20RPM


Max Volume: 240mm


Operation Model: Timing/Continuous/Inching


Timing Range: 10s-99min 59s Step: 1s/1 min(Fast rotation on the button)


Rotor form: 12 holes angle rotor/24 rotor angle rotor


Safety performance:electronic gate lock,cover condition monitoring, over speed protection, system self inspection.


Motor type: BLDC


Equipment input power: 200W


Output power: 90W


Voltage: 100-240V(50/60HZ)


Lc IEC: <65db


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