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Flocked Swab

  • Nylon Flocked Swab for Specimen collection
  • Nylon Flock
  • Nasal Swab, Oral Swab, Throat Swab
  • 80mm, 30mm

Flocked Swab For Specimen Collection 
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1.   Material  

Handle:  ABS
Head:     Nylon Flocked Swab

2.  Types of Swab

--- Nasal Swab  (Nasopharyngeal swab)
--- Throat Swab
--- Oral Swab

flocked nasal oral swab

nasal swabs nasal

Details for FLOQSWAB

3. Package

Individual Sterilized Package


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VTM kit and nasal swab oral swab

5.  Function for the Flocked Swab

Function for nasal swab
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