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Biofiller /Plasma gel machine

Syringe size:
  • VB-BI
  • Vegas
  • CE, ISO
  • Guangdong, China
  • Vegas
  • PRP kit, PRP centrifuge
  • Plasma gel filler
Bio filler equipment for acne scar, wrinkle removal
Converts Platalet-Rich Plasma into a Bio Gel for Facial &
Corporal Fillings
Operation Principle
Filler maker making fillers after incubating plasmas by using
heating system.
Filler can make biofiller in two-step process. It proceeds
controlled heating and cooling by bio filler maker.
Parameter setting
Activate incubating and cooling process after setting the timer
to 3minutes at 70c, 10minutes at 90c, and 5minutes at cooling

Temperature range 0-90ºC
Max Capacity 10 Syringe
Time 0-99min
Display Digital Display
Program A & B two programs
Record function available
Power Supply 220/110V 50/60Hz
Size: 29*28*14cm
Weight 6.5kgs
Warranty One year
1. Material should be at body temp or slightly higher, otherwise
too viscous.
2. First anesthetize with 25 gauge needle using 0.2ml of
3. Inject biofiller using 1" or shorter 23 Gauge needle or
cannula through the same puncture hole. Material is too
thick for a longer cannula.

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